3 November 2013

Monitoring 2: Adding feeds to blogger

There are some features on Blogger itself that can be used for monitoring, so you could use these for your team blog. I made this video in 2011 showing two ways to add a feed from another blog onto your team blog. Once you have done this, links to the latest posts on your chosen blog appear on your blog. I’m afraid at the moment I’m not able to make a revised video, but the only changes since then are to do with how you find the page for editing the blog layout. Now (instead of clicking a tab at the top) you click on Layout, which is on the menu on the left hand side of the page.
In this video I firstly demonstrate adding an RSS feed from another blog, so that the latest few posts from that blog dispay on your blog, and then I demonstrate a way of adding a list of blog links.
If you look on this blog: I have used the first technique to add a feed of new articles from the Journal of Documentation (at the bottom of this page) and the second technique to add a list of the team blogs (on the right)

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