17 December 2013

Blog winners

Congratulations to the winners of the tutors' "best team blog" award. We decided to award joint winners:

Team Q: Chloe Turner, Emily Wheeler, Yixuan Gao, Dongmei Han

Team A: Roisin Cassidy, Jayne Drew, Catherine Hoodless, Lynsey Shenton

The criteria for judging were:
1. Sustained effort & team contribution
- contribution from whole team
- Minimum of a post on each of: team introduction; 7 Pillars; Information Universe; search tips; IL in context; Web 2.0

2. Are the posts relevant and interesting?

3. How good is the visual appearance of the blog? e.g.
- Can you read the text easily?
- Is it easy to find your way round the blog?
- Is the blog attractive to look at?
- Have they included visual elements?

4. Have the team used Blogger design & layout features? e.g.
- Have they included a list of links?
- Does it look like they have customised the blog layout?
- Have they included other Blogger widgets (e.g. page, followers, tag cloud, music)?

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