1 October 2013

Blogs: what to do today

1. One member of each team should set up a blog using their Sheffield University identity (logging into MUSE, clicking Google Mail, then selecting More, then clicking on Blogger, then creating a blog).
At this point you may have to sign up for Blogger. Everyone in the team needs to sign up to Blogger, as once your team blog is set up, all team members have to be invited in as authors.

2. Firstly, invite in all the other member of the team, using their Sheffield University email address. This is on tab Settings, Basic, Permissions.
If there is someone who doesn’t have a Sheffield University email address, then use another Google-identity email for now. If they are using another email address, they will have to sign into that email account to accept the invitation and log on. When they respond, upgrade them to admin status so they can change features of the blog.

3. Secondly, email Sheila (s.webber@sheffield.ac.uk) or just tell Sheila, what the web address and name of your blog is, so she can link to it from this main blog.

4. Customise your team blog’s appearance (Template and Layout)
  • Change the template first (Template tab)
  • Change the background picture
  • Try different typefaces and colours for the blog title, text etc.
  • Note that if you change your template, you lose any changes you made in Layout, so decide on the template first. However, it is ok to make changes to the font etc. of your template at any time.
  • In Layout arrange and add widgets
  • - - You must add a links gadget and include a link to this main Inf6350 blog, http://inf6350-2013.blogspot.co.uk/ and to the link of your partner team
    - - If you have time add some more widgets e.g. a feed from another blog, a poll, features that allow people to subscribe to or follow your blog.
  • If you have yet more time, add a page (by selecting Pages, New Page) saying a bit more about your team

5. Post to your blog.
  • For your first group post, introduce yourselves
  • For your second group post, find another blog you like, and write a couple of sentences about it, with a link

6. Label your posts, so that later on you can find all the posts on the same topic. You describe the subject of the post with words and phrases. Click on Labels (right of screen) and click done when you have finished.

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