15 October 2013

Feedback on each others' Team blogs

Today we want you to start by looking at your partner team's blog and giving them some feedback. Aim to give at least:
- one comment which highlights something good about their blog
- one comment which points out a way they could improve their blog.
We will give you a little time to examine your partner team's blog, and note your comments. Then we will ask you to give each other feedback.

Later in the semester (about week 10) the tutors will be announcing the "best team blog". This was the post that announced the 2012 best team blog: http://inf6350-2012.blogspot.co.uk/2012/11/team-blog-winners-congrats-to-team-a.html

Today, please consider the following points, which are similar to the ones the tutors will consider when judging the best team blog:

How good is the visual appearance of the blog? e.g.
- Can you read the text easily?
- Is it easy to find your way round the blog?
- Is the blog attractive to look at?
- Have they included visual elements (pictures or videos), where appropriate, in the posts?

Have the team used Blogger design and layout features? e.g.
- Have they included a list of of links?
- Does it look like they have customised the blog layout to make it distinctive?
- Have they included other Blogger widgets (e.g. text box, followers, tag cloud)?

How much have they blogged?
- Have they done at least an introductory post, a post on the 7 Pillars, and posts on the Information Universe?
- Are the posts relevant and interesting?
- Has the whole team contributed to the blog, or do the posts seem just to be done by one person?
*Note with this section, please consider that some people are "beginner" bloggers, whilst others are more experienced. At this stage we do not expect perfect posts, but still we hope for the basic number of posts, and for more than one person to have blogged, so everyone gets a chance to learn blogging*

This is connected with the Present pillar of the SCONUL 7 Pillars of Information Literacy.

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