20 October 2013

Please post your database or Google search tip!

You already had a session from Alastair in week 2 (on Google etc. searching) and you will have a further session from him either last week (Groups 1 and 2) or this coming week (Groups 3 and 4)

What you need to do
Once you have had the 2nd session from the Alastair make an individual post on your team blog, listing one new thing you learnt about Google or database searching.

A few of you have had a lot of experience in libraries before joining the course: so if you were already a search engine/ database wizard when you came to Sheffield, just say what your best searching tip is. The kitten is waiting to hear about your tips! (photo taken today in Istanbul, where I am about to attend the European Conference on Information Literacy)


  1. Could I write more than one new things I learnt? BTW, have a nice trip in Istanbul~

    1. Yes, write as many as you like!
      Thank you ;-)