7 October 2013

Week 3 preparation: Information Universe

In either week 3 or week 4, you will have a session on The Information Universe with Sheila or Nigel. This class will focus on Information Resources. Understanding the different types of information resources and their relationships will help you to use information in your assessed coursework.

The preparation for the information universe session is as follows:

1. Think about a time when you needed to find information – for yourself or for others (for example, for a course assignment or a library enquiry). Make notes on the kinds of information that you used in that particular search.

2. Review your notes and identify the different types of reference resources or sources of information found. (By types of resources, we mean categories of material – such as “blog”, “directory”, “report” or “textbook” – not specific titles.)

This is not a competition, so you can discuss it among yourselves if you wish, but you must produce your own list of types of information resources. You can use your own words to describe the types of resource; there is not one particular list of types we want you to use.

3. Please post your list as an individual entry on your team blog, by the end of Monday, 14th October. As you are doing this outside class time, you may prefer for each person to post separately. However, each person should be posting to the team blog.

We shall be looking at examples from different blogs in the class. If you look on the main blog you will see there are links to a couple of examples from last year.

Ask Sheila Webber for help, if you are not sure how to post things to your blog. Sheila will be in the Regent Court lab RC-205 4.15-5pm on Monday 14th October for any last minute help with blog postings. There will also be time to look at team blogs in the week 3 session.

Here are a few examples from previous years. Your blog post does not have to be as long as these, but it gives you an idea of what we have in mind:
- From Chao Sun in 2012: http://ilteamq.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/preparation-of-thing-5-chao-sun.html
- From Anna in 2012 http://the-part-timers.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/the-information-universe.html
- Tseng Peng Chun in 2012 http://inf3650teamb.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/my-information-universe-tseng.html
Note - we want your own example of finding information, do not use anyone else's ;-)


  1. Some of the links below have been deleted. I can not access into them.

  2. You were quite right! They were definitely working on Monday when I put the entry online, but they are gone now. Thanks for pointing that out. In fact I'm rather upset as it seems Google has just yesterday deleted all the team blogs from 2011! However fortunately teh 2012 team blogs are still there. I have taken out the links that don't work.